Sunday, October 21, 2012

Why I'm voting Independent

One of the great injustices perpetrated over the last year or so is the blatant attack of the Catholic conscience both collectively and individually. I make no secret of the fact that I'm a Catholic and that pretty much forms who I am and what opinions I hold, or rather which lens through which I look. I think that the moral universe as described by the Catholic Church is accurate and should be followed by all who care to follow morality as it actually exists in creation. Not everyone cares to follow that morality or even admits that such a morality exists. I'm not going to force them to follow my conscience, but I will kind of expect me to follow my own. 

My conscience tells me that both candidates from the two major parties in the US are in one way or another, morally ambiguous at best and morally outrageous at worst. Clearly I can't support a candidate who will promote or enact morally outrageous policies. One such case is Obama's fervent devotion to the cause of contraception and abortion. Romney has also shown himself to be less than caring when it comes to these issues and has even said in a recent debate that all women should have access to contraception. 

To avoid my vote being associated with either of these two bastions of evil, I have only one choice. And that's why I'm voting Independent.

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