Friday, October 19, 2012

Why I'm voting for Obama

It's always amused me that things come out of "left field" and are "sinister" (sinister being the latin word for "left"). What's so great about the Right that the Left gets shoved to the side as being either strange, weird or just plain scary? Well, it is not our duty to question the wisdom of the ages but to accept it.

So why would I vote for Obama who is, for many, the embodiment of all that is Left? Well, if you recall from my last post, I don't like either of the candidates. I am convinced that Obama is more convinced and stubborn in his ideology than is Romney. Romney is a businessman who probably cares about profit more than policy. Presumably this might translate into profit for the United States if he is elected president. However, it might not. Romney might be in the process of the Next Great Republican Dupe (NGRD) which is a common enough occurrence, right? (no pun intended.)

The worst thing for this country is for its people to become complacent, going along with the autocratic power-grab of elites from any party that happens to be in the position to grab said power. If you give one man the power over a nation while denying that he has the power, it is much more dangerous than for one man to be openly and plainly in power and accountable to the people who are quite aware that he might tyrannize. This might in itself be a sufficient argument for monarchy over and above our current broken democratic scheme. The problem is not that those in power have too much power. That will always be the case in such large nations and large governments. The problem is that it is masked behind the idea that there are all these checks and balances and that the people decide their fate. In reality, the president can and often does step all over the legislative branch not only of the U.S. but of individual states and the president hasn't been elected by direct popular vote since that became logistically impossible.

Why am I going on this tirade in favor of Tyrants and Despots? Well, because this is about voting for Obama, right? (no pun intended.)

Romney, unless we're very careful, will lull us into the idea that he doesn't give a damn about the power he's been given because apparently he loves Freedom and the Middle Class and Small Businesses and doesn't want to tax them too much. He might very well love all these things. The problem is, he might not and his promises to care about the things that we love might be a lie and we might be subject to the NGRD.

If on the other hand Obama gets elected, we already know what to expect and for those of us who object to the promotion of abortion, contraception, and big government, we already know how to approach Obama. We aren't going to let him get away with anything. He'll keep us awake and on our toes. When someone obviously takes pleasure in having the authority to rule the people and command the world's historically most respected army and get away with almost everything, freedom-loving, gun-toting americans will always be on their guard.

Obviously, the only option is for us to stay alert and that's why I'm voting for Obama.

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