Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I don't often comment on American Politics...

...but when I do, I laugh.

I'm sure it has now come to the attention of my fellow Americans that they have once again succeeded in setting up the dichotomy that accompanies every election cycle. Disagreement, debate, and taking sides has always been part of the political decisions of the human race. There is always a dissenting voice to the voice of power. Throughout history, this has shown itself in the fights between tribes, fights between slave and master, fights between serf and lord, fights between people and their king. In these fights and disagreements we see a truly different viewpoint. Often the one side is coming from a position of power while the other is coming from a position of work and poverty.

America changed that. In America, hard work means starting at the bottom and working your way up. There is no sanctioned slavery that keeps a group of people poor (whether there is an unofficial is above my pay grade to discuss...for now). There is no "lords vs. serfs", no 'king vs. people." We all have equal voice.

And so when we come to elect politicians, it is assumed that we want someone who represents this idea. We want someone who is successful because that represents the American Spirit. We want someone who is neither king nor slave. We want the Middle Man. In fact, we worship the Middle Man.

The Middle Man is the one who is just grey enough not to set up a division with either the extremely wealthy or the extremely poor. Our good friend Obama is a moderately wealthy man who is able to associate with the wealthy because he graduated from Harvard Law and knows the ropes, so to speak. He is also a great friend to the poor, has set up all sorts of welfare programs and spends a lot of time with the poor. Ok, so maybe I'm getting my facts wrong. I don't know. I don't live in the US any more.

On the other hand, our good friend Romney is a Mormon bishop who is quite wealthy to the point of not being able to hide it at all. He also cares about the poor, setting up healthcare programs in his state and appealing to minority (?) groups like poor pro-life Christians.

Like I said, maybe I've got it all wrong, but these men apparently both really love the poor...and they are both really involved in the world of the wealthy. They are the perfect Middle Men. They are the perfect American Politician. We no longer have a wealthy class who supports the wealthy class candidate and a lower class supporting the rights of the lower classes. We have Middle Men who are supported by members of the wealthy class and Middle Men who are also supported by the lower classes. Generally these Middle Men are themselves in the wealthy classes.

Maybe it was just his facade, but at least Santorum didn't look like he graduated from the Ivy League. In any case, it doesn't matter because he's no longer in the race. It is the two Middle Men in the race, and when we have a choice between two middle men, who are we supposed to choose?

I guess the only thing we can do is choose our color and go with whichever grey most resembles that color. That's what it's come down to. If we have to choose between two Middle Men, the main difference is the party to which they belong. They both support the American Dream. The difference is how that is to be accomplished. And when you no longer disagree on what is good but rather how to accomplish it, you can only look at how each method works. And so you have to try them out. We have many examples of 4-8 years of each method and thy both work in some ways and not in others. Thus we have a never ending cycle of distrust. One Party can easily say "See, the other party's way didn't work."

The people may care about different goods, but in a political system that caters to the Middle Man and relativism, we can't assert one good above the other. Yet, we have parties that claim that they do assert one good above the other so as to get the support of the people.

But what is important? The survival of America. Why is the economy important? So that American and its system will continue. Thus it doesn't matter if we keep borrowing money to bolster said economy because it keeps the US project working. Why do we fight wars? To keep our ideas, the idea of America alive so that we are not destroyed by those that disagree. Why is the government allowed to spy on its citizens and detain them indefinitely? So that the System can stay in place. Why are the incredibly wealthy allowed to bolster up their wealth at the expense of their workers? Because they are the ones funding the system, the ones backing the politicians that keep this System in order.

We are a country obsessed with itself. A country obsessed with itself will eventually implode.

But as long as we continue to grey-wash our disagreements with Middle Men and relativism, we will not overcome them and the country will not survive. Thus all that we hope for will in fact not come to pass.

It's not working. If you care so much about results, know that it's not working.

Romney vs. Obama 2012?


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