Tuesday, April 17, 2012

He get it right

My brother, that is.

I am not one to let Notre Dame pass on its failures. In fact, I am one of the most vocal people I know for true reform in an educational and religious sense. I am an avid critic of Notre Dame on almost every level, from its obsession with sports (to the point that they stopped walking to the stadium from the Basilica, which they used to do) to its Catholic intellectual integrity (some of the theology classes, which ought to teach us about God, are taught by non-Catholics or even anti-Catholics. I mean, if the University is trying to teach its students about God, shouldn't it do so from a Catholic perspective?)

For all its failings, it has the potential to be what no other school in the United States has. It could be the model for a faithful Catholic research university. Its establishment is already in many ways in the tradition of the Catholic Universities of the Medieval period. If those became the seats of Catholic intellectual inquiry, why not Notre Dame?

And the reason it still has the potential is, as my brother say, because Christ and His Mother are on its side. And who are we to abandon that which God has not abandoned?

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