Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Mountain Lion leaps forth

So, my friends will tell you that I am a huge supporter of Apple, Monarchy, and Hot Chocolate. Or else they won't admit that they are my friends because of this. Whatever the case, I currently have one MacBook open to the internet while another one is being used to write a book on architecture (the summary of which can be found in the "Concerning Architectural Theory" tab above.) The reasons for this are irrelevant, but it did remind me about something I heard recently.

Apple is coming out with its latest version of OS X. In the tradition which it started a while back with "Tiger" "Leopard" "Snow Leopard" and "Lion", this new version is called "Mountain Lion." I usually like to suspend my judgement on these things, so I'm not going to rave about supposed features or anything. I doubt I'll get the update anyway.

One question I have though is why haven't they made an OS XI yet? Is the X just way too good to let go of? When does an Operating System cease being the same after it's been changed over and over and over again. It's like the Theseus's Ship problem.

Whatever the case, I'm excited because Apple seems to keep great products coming, and it seems as if this version of OS X will be more and more integrated with the tablet and smartphone mentality which the iPhone and iPad revolutionized.

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