Thursday, February 2, 2012

Address to the American people and their Federal Government

It has been said that America is the land of the free and home of the brave. It has been said that we are a “sweet land of liberty.” My friends, it has been said: “In God we trust.” These ideas are foundational to the ideas on which this country is built. If we have the audacity to profess the belief in these ideas, we will be able to create a structure that is impervious to the attacks of malignant ideologies. If we deny these principles that have shaped the American identity since its inception, I can not but conclude that our founders dreamed in vain. If we are to truly pledge allegiance to this identity, we must preserve these ideals, not merely as an idol protected by glass and guns, not merely in the sentimental anthems which give them voice, not merely in the vibrant colors of patriotic displays of affection but also in the common, natural law of the American heart.
HOWEVER, while we have been at war abroad, a tumor has taken hold of our heart. While we spread the gospel of Democracy to every nation, the infection has only grown. Are we doctors of freedom? Physician, cure thyself! Do we denounce tyranny and corruption? Thus it always is with tyrants. Shall we hold ourselves up as the sole standard of political sanity? See, we write our diatribes and propaganda on padded walls.
What is this cancer that is now with ferocious appetite eating away at the very substance of America? It should come as no surprise that the threat comes not from the citizen who lives, works, and dies in relative anonymity; who builds the stage and sets the lights and runs the tele-prompter. Instead, this disease is a result of a direct attack on the principles of the nation by those that, having sworn to serve these principles, have been granted the power over our nation.
And what nobility resides in the hearts and minds of these public servants, so called! They are called noble because of their dedication to the cause of universal health and rightly so. They are called great because of their gallant fight for the rights of the oppressed. They are called wise because of their powerful diplomacy that makes tyrants subservient and military regimes lay down their arms. They have been praised for these and rightly so, for they have accomplished much in creating this, the greatest nation on the planet, built on the ideals of the Constitution as ratified by out Founding Fathers. 
And yet, they have turned their ideals and their policies on their head as their smiles become frowns. No longer do they look with delight on those they serve. They say “universal health care?” What they mean is conditional health care, and the conditions are the destruction of religious liberty. They speak of the rights of the oppressed, but are in fact oppressing those whose rights are guaranteed by our very constitution. They exhibit diplomacy in the face of grave moral evil and refuse to listen to their own citizens.
In short, there are certain members of our government who have, in the face of substantial protest and the certain threat of civil disobedience, decided to force certain constituencies to pay for that which they consider morally abhorrent. 
My friends, is it not enough that you may hold us without limit on a mere suspicion of the support of terrorism?  Is it not enough to have the power to take away our citizenship? Is it not enough to be able to define our beliefs for us? No, you must also force us to pay for the destruction of human life, the trivialization of Marriage, the bane of families! This shall not only destroy American society (indeed, has already begun to do so!) but shall also rip out the heart of this nation. 
Never since the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire has such a blatantly offensive command been made. We have been offered the idol of contraception, but will never worship. It is a false god, a human deformation of a sacred act. If the Christians of old refused to worship the Roman pantheon because God alone rules the world, how much more should we refuse to bow to this idol whose sole purpose is to prevent or destroy life?
My friends, this is our belief, and yet you command us to throw it away! And for what? Is there some greater good that will result from closing off our nation to the love of human life? Support this evil. We will not. Are the rights of the majority being trampled on? Support this evil. We will not. We will not pay for that which defies our morality and lays waste to our consciences. 
My friends, you have made enemies of us. You have divided a country still reeling from a time when some were considered less than others. This house can not stand. America can not stand. In fact, we refuse to stand for this violation, this rape of the conscience of Americans. If you refuse to turn from this evil, I only pray that when you look upon us, bruised and exhausted, you will repent. For we will not let it destroy us. No, we will in fact bring the fruit of our persecution to birth and we will once again raise the standard of our beliefs, daring the American people to discover that freedom, even ill-begotten by tyranny is beautiful.

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