Sunday, December 11, 2011

God save the Queen

In a few days (what...four days already?) I will be in Merry Olde England. Come to think of it, Manchester is not exactly MOE because I associate that more with East Anglia. Or London. Maybe I'll take a picture of the Parliament Building when I go to London to replace my banner.

Anyway, this will be the defining moment of my life. This whole blog was conceived because of my love of England while still very much being American. I will finally be going home. In a way. Commence plan to become a Life-Peer.

I hope to enjoy it, but in a way, I miss my messy old Midwestern city. Especially the snow. And homemade American food.

I will let you know how it is.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

What would you fight for? Or: In defense of Obeying the Drinking Age

We live in a world that almost prides itself in the amount of cracks in society. We may say "let's reach across the aisle" or "bipartisanship" (as if all issues boiled down to two sides. lol.) People often say "It's not so black and white as all that" which generally translated to "My grey is black and yours is white." Everybody wants to be right, which means that everyone else is wrong, right?


The question I would like to ask is how worth it is it to fight al these fights? I, for one, am the most intelligent member of my class and so if you want to know what real architecture is, ask me. Also, you might as well ask me about politics because everyone else is idiots. Especially all those "Neo-Caths" that are just watered down liberals who want to seem conservative. Gosh, they're all such idiots.

We can only fight so many fights. I want to fight against Musical Abominations--I want to create Good Music. I want to fight against Architectural Crap--I want to design buildings worth their salt. I want to fight against Watered Down Secularized Crappy Education--I want to form a school. I have all these opinions, and who doesn't, you know? I think so much about all these things and then want to do something about them. That doesn't even close to approach the number of Bad Things in the world.

There's Abortion, The Death Penalty, Euthanasia, Poverty, Violence, Oppression, Greedy Bankers, Rapists, Puritans, alcoh--

What? Alcohol? Really?

Yes, there are some who make it their business to limit alcohol to minors. It sucks. As a sixteen-year old (and more especially at eighteen) I desired alcohol so much that I HAD to break the law because I couldn't control my desires. Alcohol is one of the highest goods. It brings merriment to parties and violence to domestic situations. Ok, so maybe that's not so good. Like all good things, alcohol can be and often is abused.

What about those other things that can be abused? Sex? Sure, there are a lot of perverts and rapists out there. What do we do about the abuse? How is society protected from these practices? Well, as we know, premarital sex is no longer off the table of acceptable practices. We expect our high schoolers to engage in it. I ask you, does this lowering of the acceptable age of sex cause more responsible love-making? Don't make me laugh. Or maybe it's just because they still have to do it in secret?

Another thing that can be abused: Gun Use. People Kills People, you know. How is society protected from this? People have to get licenses? Oh come on! You can buy a rifle at 18, but a pistol at 21? If we're adults at 18, why don't we get to use a pistol? It's just nonsensical.  Maybe if we let 12 year olds buy pistols all urban centers would see less violence.

So you see, the drinking age is unconstitutional. Or is it? I am in agreement with Mr. Barnes that responsible drinking in a good environment growing up is a good thing. He may not know this, but in Wisconsin, this is possible. Kids can drink if their parents give it to them. I also am for the lowering of the drinking age to 18 when most adult things are "allowed". I grew up in a household where the kids didn't drink. Ever. I had plenty of opportunity because there was alcohol in the house and I was alone some of the time. I could have sneaked some. I didn't however. I would attribute this less to my lack of desire for alcohol (I hardly cared about alcohol until coming to Italy, and I still don't. I care about good drinks, which is why I never buy the 1 euro wine boxes. Gross.) Instead I would attribute it to my good upbringing. My parents didn't make a big deal about alcohol either way. They were just clear about possible bad effects and good effects and told me what was acceptable in the house.

Not everyone is that lucky. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a household that drinks responsibly. If society just allowed kids to drink whenever they were allowed by their parents, that wouldn't solve all the problems. Lowering the drinking age to 18 might make sense. I think it does. But I don't think 21 is an unreasonable age, and I especially don't think it's worth getting all het up about it. We have a lot of battles to fight, and I think the more important one is getting the family back in shape. Before we let kids drink, we'd better have a good environment or them to do it in. This is a fight I'd rather fight. Civil Disobedience is like salt. Delicious and to be used sparingly. I will just contentedly not drink when I return to the US until I am 21. I don't think I care enough to care.