Saturday, November 5, 2011

So fly like a G6

I don't mean to reference a modern pop sing...I generally try to avoid it. But seriously, things have gotten out of hand and desperate times call for desperate measures. There are these things called Summits that people go to. They are generally for politicians of countries, Scientists and CEOs. In other words, commoners like myself would be bored stiff. Recently, there has been this trend in world politics to have these Summits. Like the G7 Summit or the G8 Summit or the G20 Summit. If I'm not mistaken the first of these G-Summits was between our friends FDR, Winston Churchill and Stalin. hahaha.

Ok, my point is that Silvio Berlusconi goes to the G20 Summit. Berlusconi! He could alternately be called "Berluscumbag" but I will refrain myself. These Summits are supposed to bring countries together to discuss some Very Important Issues. I'm sure they do it too, like "When are you going to go to war with Iran?" And "Has Birth-Control become universally available yet?"

Anyway, I bet you that Togo doesn't have a representative at the G20 Summit. I bet most of you don't even know what Togo is or where it is. I bet Barack Obama doesn't know where Togo is. Hint: It's by Kenya. hahaha.

The thing that irritates me is that in this age of speaking about World Governments and Globalisation, we all know who's going to be in charge when it finally all comes to pass. It'll be these strong economic centers who may have spats amongst themselves, but in reality will do all they can to tell the rest of the world what to do. Are you ruled by a dictator? Why not rebel! We'll support you. Then we'll pressure you into introducing democracy into your culture that makes no sense with democracy and then we'll have armed forces there to make sure it happens. Are you still "Third World"? Well, if you don't have computers, then you are a dead nation and you might as well be joined to this other nation here that can support you. Or you can support it with your rich supply of vital exports. Either way. We don't care because we're still secure with a dollar that's falling and a Euro that's just about dead. No, we won't take care of our business first. It is more important that condoms be handed out to every country free, because they are the ticket to happiness.

Oh, my gosh. Will the whole "G" movement just go away? Who do we think we are, God?

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