Monday, October 3, 2011


If I were prone to swearing by things, I think I might swear by Greenwich Mean Time. I don't know exactly how they chose the meridian they did to base the time zones off of, but it's really irrelevant. What isn't irrelevant is that we currently base our time calculation on the rotation of the earth. After all, what is the most obvious way of telling that time is passing? The position of the Sun of course! Its position is entirely dependent on how much the earth has rotated. Civilization has been telling time according the sun for aeons. Here in Rome, the obelisks were used as sun-dials!

Well, there are some who are calling for an end to telling time according to the earth's rotation and instead to atomic vibrations. True, these are also a way of telling that changes are happening and thus that time is passing, but why throw away the very practical obvious sun-based time telling? Even the layman can tell time by this! But now we want to throw away thousands of years of tradition with a practice that is according to the human experience and giving away our freedom to scientists who want to control everything, even time itself....preposterous! Viva GMT!


thisjourneyofmylife said...

That's just ridiculous. I guess there's someone out there who really didn't know what to do with his spare time. Why change something that works perfectly and that's so easy?

N.W. Thomas said...

I would be tempted to say "It's the French" but I still have some sentimental attachment to the French.

But it is the French.