Monday, October 24, 2011

EuroCrisis, PowerGrabs, and North vs. South

I love how the media likes to make things out to be terrible. Ok, I get it, Europe (the nation) is doing pretty bad in terms of economy. So is the US. So is most of the world. I certainly don't know how to solve the problems. I work on a very micro- level and can only do what I can to do architecture and live my life in a just manner. I don't know anything about the Stock Market, the reason the Euro insists on being worth 1.38 US Dollars, or why China is apparently doing so well economically while maintaining one of the most unjust systems on record. Why is the EU centered in Belgium? If Sarkozy doesn't want England telling the EU what to do, what does he want from England, just money? If there are going to be European States, the individual states should have the prerogative to let the others know what they think should happen. And that's not even addressing the question of whether it's just to maintain a union where the economies of the constituent states are so radically different not to mention culture. If Greece, Italy, and Spain are failing, should another country be forced to pay for them making their own economy tank? What are our responsibilities to other countries? Should we bail them out? Should we take out their dictators for them? If we took over countries, would our economies recover? Is conquest and war the only way we're going to get out of this? I have heard some suggest this. Which brings me to my meeting with two gentlemen from Verona.

My class was on a field trip to the North of Italy and one of the professors took some of us out to eat with a Veronese architect and his brother. Now the Northerners are not happy with the state of Italy, let alone the EU. They don't like having to pay for the South's slip ups. The deficit in one Department of the Neapolitan government has a bigger deficit than the whole of the Veneto. That's a huge deal, btw. And since it is a united country, the North has to bail out the South. The Veneto up to the end of WWI was part of Austria and apparently were very well treated by the Austrians. Now, since Italy is a mess, the Northerners have to do most of the work. Is that just? Who knows? Do we have a responsibility to help everyone in need? Does it help a country to be bailed out?

I have a lot of questions, I know. Maybe the situation is dark, maybe it's not. What I'm going to worry about is doing an urban redesign of a section of Trastevere and hopefully my work will translate into a more just society. Hopefully something I do will...

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