Monday, August 22, 2011


Do we remember when the French Revolution was going on? Nah, I doubt it, only because there's not one person alive today who was alive then. I believe, however, that our very own Hero of Liberty was a huge fan of the movement known as the French Revolution. It seems we haven't much changed as a nation cause we're all gung-ho about the rebels in Libya taking over most of the city. They've finally gotten the momentum they need to take out the number 4.3 World's Worst Dictator. In the days of the French Revolution, the King was just taken to the guillotine. Nowadays, I guess the expectation is suicide.

I'm just saying, maybe we should stop being It's not like Revolution is an Inherent Good. I mean don't we remember what happened after the French Revolution? I believe the term is "Reign of Terror". We help destroy regimes only to produce a culture of terror, destruction and chaos.

Sometimes, I feel a special closeness to isolationism.

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