Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Nothing is certain but Death and Taxes" or so the saying goes. I might disagree, but the reality remains. There is death and there are taxes. We try to destroy death by medical means, and this often means, especially in dystopian novels, the killing of undesirables according to the Darwinian idea of "survival of the fittest". We want to reduce or abolish taxes and yet the only way to do this is to make everyone work more. In fact, it is argued that people will have to work more without taxes. I am not an economist and the point of this post is not economical. However, one of the points of the US project was the representation of its people because it was unfair to tax without a say in how it is spent. Now, in an age where the government is not a moral agent, all it becomes is a bank or a marketplace. If we abolish taxes and the government has no control over the money of the people (in any sense), then it ceases even functioning as part of "the market" or a bank at all. A bank can not run without initial investments that keep on coming. If we abolish taxes, then the government is useless for its use is to pay for things that the nation needs. At least since it lost its desire to be a moral agent, an example to the people. Therefore, if we do not have taxes and our representatives are not our examples for how to live, why have representatives at all? And if this is so, why did America start in the first place? Why are we a nation if we just want to destroy the meaning of our system? You say "no taxes"? Fine, but at least you should have a moral example, a public figure, maybe even a king. And since he can not tax, he will not become a dictator or a tyrant. 

My point is that we have lost a sense of the moral example of our elders and the politicians aren't doing it. The celebrities aren't doing it. Have an election for the king, I don't care. But abolish morality and taxes and you abolish the purpose of our system, the representative system. If you are so attached to it, bring back morality and bring back taxes. In other words: Stop trying to destroy death and taxes, they are certain. Without the second, there would be no American Dream. Without the first we would not get to Heaven. But that is topic for another time.

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