Thursday, August 11, 2011

I want to design a church and I want it to get built.

I want to found a cultural center in some city where not only education happens, but also sports, other leisure and the creation of things happens.

I am an idealist, but it has only been in recent decades when idealism was equated with pipe-dream. Probably around the time when the phrase "pipe-dream" was invented.

There was a time when an idealist would tell his ideas to others and they would be inspired to help him attain those ideals. This was often in connection with a building project. Or the establishment of some institution. The University of Notre Dame is one of these. It started as just a couple priests from France with an idea. But it's now a whole huge research university.

But the average joe has forgotten what it's like to need something. Something outside of his own making for himself, or so it seems. I'm not the only one who's noticed.

What we need is for there to truly be specific projects for the people to get behind that come from the community and are created in the community by the community.

I think this could happen.

But then again, I am an idealist.

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witheagerfeet said...

I am too! I want to design cathedrals and not be poor my whole life. ~Ink