Thursday, June 30, 2011, Papal tweets etc.

"Un Tweet Storico" as the Italian version of the new Vatical news site states. Apparently the Pope is now a bird.

But he's a bird that lets someone else do his tweeting for him. He just presses the button.

In the sidebar, I say that I follow the Vatican. It's true. It will especially be true this coming school year when I am in Rome. Ever since I heard about the new Vatican website, I have been excited. Now I'm not an old hat at blogging like some, but I do enjoy that fact that the Church is in a more official capacity "joined" the internet. Even Il Papa himself is getting involved. He is truly a revolutionary Pope.

Also, I was supposed to get an email when the website launched but I got it the DAY AFTER. I thought the internet was supposed to cut back on all that time between things. Instant gratification and all that.

Oh, and in British News, stabbing burglars will be legal. Also, some random English Bishop made some irrelevant remarks on the importance of the "externals" of the ordained priesthood...or something.

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