Sunday, June 26, 2011

Marriage is what brings us together today...

...and homosexual civil unions is what is driving us apart. Friday marked the passage of a bill allowing "gay marriage" in New York, what many are calling the sixth and most consequential state to do so. I would really rather not talk about homosexuality because it disgusts me for one reason or another. However, in that this move is one that destroys the meaning of marriage, it's kind of a big deal for me, especially today. I wrote a reflection on the reason marriage is significant this weekend.

There are many commentators out there rejoicing in this turn of events and there are many who mourn. It's at moments like this when the culture of America and its cultural offspring is slowly destroying the cohesion of civilisation that I wish we could just forget about our globalisation efforts for a bit and work on our dear country. We are strangely lacking in concrete symbols to rally around. In an age where it is uncertain whether or not flag-burning is a constitutional right, and the Eagle means nothing, the president comes and goes, the country is constantly divided along party lines, one wishes that we had something besides the the death of thousands on days of catastrophe. Oh, and the dollar. That's something we can all agree on. Except that it's falling fast in value and plus money is all a construct anyway in the federal reserve system as it stands.

But back to days of catastrophe, because money depresses me, I think America needs to realize something that I don't know that many people anywhere realize anymore. The positive is just as potent as the negative. We should all be able to rally around something that is good in this nation, not just the calamities of terror. Yes, we have fireworks and the fourth of July, but like I said, that has become theoretical patriotism. It's not connected to what we do as Americans or who we are. And if it's not a symbol of something we agree on, then what's the use? So, what is good in this nation?

Somewhat of a rhetorical question.

I would say that marriage is good. But it is slowly or maybe not so slowly leaving this nation. Apparently the legislature laughed in the face of the people of New York and said "Screw you, we're going to do this anyway, no matter what you think." You see, the lawmakers are not virtuous men and women, they're shallow, easy, manipulated, empty robots. They don't do what is best for the people, but what a few of the people think is best for them. And as we all know, we don't always want what's best for us really.

This move, believe it or not, by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign the bill is kind of funny considering that he and his family have traditionally held that the public work of politics is separate from his private religion. Well, let me tell you, Mr. Cuomo. You destroy earthly marriage in a hyped-up political move (especially one that the bishops were firmly against) and the heavenly marriage that you claim to profess isn't going to mean much. Catholics can participate in the heavenly marriage with Christ Jesus in the Eucharist, but if marriage means nothing, heavenly marriage certainly doesn't.

Give that a thought.

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