Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am a Fan.

Last year, Pope Benedict set up a system through which members of the Anglican Community could join the Catholic Church while maintaining those traditions not contrary to the Faith and which connected the community, a system known a "Ordinariates." I, being somewhat of an anglophile, have been really excited. Also, my patron saint, St. Thomas More, was beheaded for holding to the True Faith, and now so many people have the opportunity to rejoin the ranks.

Well, it's not only for the English. It's also for Americans of the Anglican Communion. For instance, people from Maryland: Here's what the folks at St. Luke's have to say for themselves.  (h/t: Fr. Z.)

It's so cool that so many people are coming to the Fullness of Truth through the Church. Christ had a wish that His disciples be one...and He promised to be with us always, in fact we heard this line on the Ascension just last Sunday (in some diocese). This is a step in the right direction of Unity, and you know, it's at times like this that I can believe that Christ will fulfill his promise.

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