Tuesday, June 7, 2011


This is...the most tasty...computer ever...
Let me put it this way. For one reason or another, Steve Jobs is a genius. Yes, he is a Man of Big Business. Yes, he probably doesn't care about anyone but himself and his wallet, but boy, he sure does a swell job with computers.

And this is The Record Company.
The irony is that I'm typing this on a Dell computer running Windows Vista...or is it 7?

This astounding story tells it all.

So now I can access the contents of my computer anywhere? On any computer connected to the internet? Oh wait I think Google already has this...but wait, Apple actually made a deal with "The Record Companies" (sounds like it should be a band...). The deal says that 70% of the revenue from the iCloud services. Tada! Music industry is back in business. I think that's a good thing.

(And further can someone tell Steve Jobs that my Macbook is acting up?)


Robert Gotcher said...

I don't think Jobs just cares about himself or money. He really believes in the revolutionary power of the computer.

N.W. Thomas said...

It was half sarcastic. I don't see how this makes him that much money, I mean, it ill, but not as much as the Record Companies will make.